Safety & Security

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安全桌面电话号码: 815-740-3200

我们训练有素的保安人员都是友好的,专业的和明显的存在一个星期,每天24小时,每周七天。 USF官员是一个手无寸铁的信息力,并在校园的各个领域管辖权。它们与直接通信 乔利埃特警察部门 和 乔利埃特消防部门 并在需要时在他们的援助呼吁。该部门致力于维护一个安全的学习,教学和St大学的工作环境。十大网赌。



The mission of the Safety & Security Department is to provide University of St. Francis student, staff, faculty, administration and visitors with a safe and secure learning environment by focusing on customer service, best practices, justice and professional development through the Franciscan values of respect, compassion, service and integrity.


Safety & Security is located in Tower Hall, TG-20.
Please contact Safety & Security at 815-740-3200 有任何问题。

In an emergency situation, Safety & Security can be reached by dialing ext. 3200 on any campus telephone. Once a call is received, an officer is immediately dispatched to the site.